Find summer’s beauty in your good memory book.  Memories and pictures of beauty keep you emotionally healthy even during the coldest winter.

IMAGE BY Katherine Gordy Levine.  Palm Beach, Florida. A memory of a search for summer during our last visit to Florida.

IMAGE BY Katherine Gordy Levine. Palm Beach, Florida. A memory of our search for summer during a cold Colorado Winter.  Warms me still.


Tip one: How to be with beauty:  Take a slow, deep breath in, hold, focus, breathe out slowly, smile and say “Ahhh” or “Thank you.”

Tip two:  Share your memories of beauty.  I will share them if you send them to me at [email protected]  Send only your own pictures. Include a note about how you wish to be credited.  I will use them in a blog post or pin them on my Pinterest Be With Beauty Board.

I leave you with this poster quote to think about.

Beauty may be enough, but I think the more you share beauty the more you move the world toward peace.  So, if you like this post share it with another.  You might also find visiting me at Emotional Fitness Training’s Be With Beauty Board on Pinterest gives you a quick break.

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DISCLAIMER ONE: EMOTIONAL FITNESS TRAINING IS NOT THERAPY.  It is a self-care, self-help educational program. Therapy is about healing, Emotional Fitness Training is about strengthening.


  1. I LOVE your pic for this! I’m a 4th Generation, life-long resident of Colorado, and I **DESPISE** the cold! I think I am going to keep this pic (and article!) handy when I start getting “cranky” about the cold! ***Mental Imagery: the picture you shared–*beautiful!***

    Thank you for sharing this! Another great piece of wisdom from you! 🙂 Blessings to you and those you love! :)~


    • You have to have lived on the East Coast, not only cold but humid and therefore colder and hotter. And no one knows how to drive or are smart enough to just stay home. The subway platforms were neither heated or cooled. The subway cars were supposed to be, but often were not. So I think you can understand why I love Colorado and don’t mind the cold here as much as I did in NYCity.

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