It is a cranky day anyway, so might as well give you the update on trying to be a mechanical WOO and do most of the work putting together an adult tricycle.  The trike in somewhat better shape then this picture-but there is still bad news as I threw in the towel at my husbands and son’s request and we started the search for a mechanic. We were trying to figure out how to take to  a bike store–three mechanics have said they would come to the house, but have never showed up when a neighbor with the proper credentials volunteered to help out.

Almost good news, the neighbor immediately agreed with me that the instructions suck and for the same reason I said–no pictures  or diagram showing proper placement of items.  He added that competent directions should also show pictures of each individual part. So my complaints have validity.

T he bad news other problems have surfaced: The trike comes partly assembled and the fender was incorrectly installed which was keeping the front wheel from turning properly.  Thank you neighbor for fixing that. Boo Portabikes for three such failures.  The first you may recall was the alignment of the rear basket, second was the fender, and now there is a problem with the throttle which is supposed to fit on the handlebar, but is too small and the handle bar has to be shaved down.  So things are a bit stalled as neighbor didn’t want to shave until we were assured that wouldn’t interfer with the trikes warrenty.  Still waiting to hear back about that.

No more posts until I am up and riding.

Warning: don’t buy this product unless you already have a mechanic lined up and he knows of problems like this.  End of cranky post and in the light of own Emotional Fitness Training, Inc staying strong advice: these are the small things of life and remembering what matters does maintain perspective.  So here is the link to my Remember What Matters Poster Coach.  Be sure to scroll down and read the direction booklet or you won’t know how to use the poster as a coach to help you stay strong.


As always care, share, and stay strong.

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