How To Complain Wisely

Need to complain, moan and groan? Don’t we all? Here’s the rub: Chucky Complainers and Wendy Whiners get little respect. People want you to suck it up. However, that can eat at your heart and give you an ulcer. What to do? Strengthen your Emotional Inlelligence by finding a complaint partner.  Never heard of Complaint Partners?  This Poster Coach explains. Complaint partner rules.

Two More Complaint Partner Rules

  1. A Complaint Partner cannot be constantly at another’s beck and call. Make it clear to any potential Complaint Partners that they can say “Not now” when you call at the wrong moment. Do the same if called at a time you cannot offer support.
  2. Don’t use family members to complain about family members; friends to complain about shared friends; don’t use work colleagues to complain about work problems.

The world is full of potential Complaint Partners, you just need to find them.

First, figure out who you already complain to. I do lots of my complaining on Facebook.  Generally, I join in on someone else’s complaint,, but I also add my own. At the same time, I try not to make all my posts complaint posts, and I do make an effort to share lots of other stuff including good news, jokes, inspiration, and pictures of beauty.

Next, make a list of people you already share back and forth complaints with when you get together.

Cultivate at least three formal complaint partners. One to complain about family, another for friends you love, but; and one for work. Ask the people you already complain to for permission to share complaints of a more formal basis. How?  Ask those you already use informally.  Be upfront and state your needs but with a bit of flattery and then come bribery.Once found, train by sharing my rules. .  Suggest trying it out for a month to see if both feel it is a good match.

Try a support group and search for someone you feel an affinity with and would like to know better.

Sometimes professional help is needed,  so try therapy. Then there is always the and oddly enough the suicide helpline can help you figure out if that is needed  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline  Call 1-800-273-8255. You don’t need to be holding the pills in your hand to call them.

Thank you for all you do

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  1. Excellent advice!! When I feel like complaining, I think of something to be thankful for instead. Made a huge difference to my frame of mind. I have had to distance myself from a couple of friends due to their constant complaining. xo

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