Make Merry Monday, Two Jokes


Joke #2

When a woman got married she put a shoebox in the closet and told her husband not to open it.

After over 50 years of marriage she was dying and told him to open the box.  When he opened it there were 2 doilies and $85,000.00 inside.

He asked why they were in the box.

She replied, “When I got married my mother told me to crochet a doily every time I got mad at you.”

He smiled to think she had only been mad at him twice.  Then he asked about the $85,000.00.

“That’s the money I got from selling the doilies.”

Emotional Fitness Thought

Laughing is one of the major Emotional Fitness Exercises.  When you cannot laugh, you probably are recovering from deep pain.  If you find laughing and enjoying much of each day difficult, think about getting more support and that might include the need for therapy.

Also work to improve your self-soothing skills. My eBook, Self-soothing To Create Calm in Your Life will help you do both. It is on sale not for $3.06. Buy it now.  It will do you more good than a latte and costs less.

Thank you for all you do

Remember to share all you find of value on the internet.  All who post crave recognition. A like says “Thank You.” Comments say you have read and thought about the post. Sharing is a gift to three people: the blogger, the people you share with, and you for your kindness blesses you.

Stay strong, it takes some effort for life can be a painful struggle.



Links of Interest

These links are for those not familiar with Emotional Intelligence or the idea of Emotional Fitness.

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