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Prejudice starts in pain or fear. Pain is personal and leads to fear. As one theorist claims, all negative feelings are pain or fear of pain. A useful thought. However, not all fears come from personal experiences, Prejudices, in particular, are passed down from one generation to another.  As the Roger and Hammerstein noted  about generational prejudices:

You've got to be taught to hate and fear
Your got to be taught from year to year
It's got to be drummed in your dear little ear
You've got to be carefully taught

You've got to be taught to be afraid 
Of people whose eyes are oddly made
And people whose skin is a different shade
You've got to carefully taught

You've got to be taught before it's too late 
Before you are six or seven or eight 
To hate all the people your relatives hate 
You've got to be carefully taught 
You've got to be carefully taught

Many fears and hurts collect as a whirlpool above the instinctual fear of the unknown.  Some of the collected fears start with the teachings of parents and religious leaders. Want an example:  A former Catholic and one-time altar boy no longer believes in God but pickets against abortion and has no Jewish or Protestant friends. 


Emotional Fitness  Tip One:  Remember, that  any label applied to more than one person is a generalization as well as the most common form of twisted thinking and prejudice.

Emotional Fitness Tip Two: Be aware of early teachings and their attractiveness to prejudice.  That includes early hurts, early parental teachings, and religious teachings. Also examine your favorite gurus or teachers for their prejudices. Everyone is prejudiced.

Emotional Fitness Tip Three: Remember that what you feel most passionate about needs the most thinking about. Why the saying, “Love is blind” echoes across the millennia.

Emotional Fitness Tip Four: Learn about what I have dubbed Sneaky Hypnotism. Anytime someone asks you to close your eyes, dream a dream, or imagine something, you are being invited into a trance state. Advertisers always try to entrance you in order to get you to buy something.  Advertisers also try to create uncertainty about how you look, what you own, how imperfect you are. Uncertainty is a gate way to a trance.

Large groups of people, feeling passionate, then demonstrating that passion particularly with chants or music or constant repetition are also forms of Sneaky Hypnotism. Ranting emotional filled post or Facebook are forms of Sneaky Hypnotism.

Protect yourself from Sneaky Hypnotists by spotting their efforts. and improving your critical thinking skills.

Emotional Fitness Tip Five: Take a self-defense course. Peace Dojo’s do it bestConfidence is a useful armor against fear and sneaky hypnotism.

Emotional Fitness Tip Six:  Trust, but not blindly. Weigh actions, treatment of others when extending trust.

Thank you for all you do.

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  1. “Everyone is prejudiced.” In spite of our best efforts, this is indeed true. If only everyone were motivated to apply the helpful steps you outline here …
    Well, we must be the change we wish to see in the world so I’ll start with me. Thank you for another wonderful and thought-provoking post, Katherine!

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