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If you have glanced at my Be With Beauty posts, you know I tell you to smile as part of that Staying Strong Exercise.  All Emotional Fitness Training’s exercises are evidence-based.  This Ted Talk provides a glance the proof smiling is magical.

Other studies have shown that young children can tell a genuine smile from a fake one.  That may explain why some toddlers are spontaneously afraid of certain strangers but not others.  Apparently a genuine smile crinkles your eyes a certain way.

When I am teaching Be With Beauty, I ask for a gentle Mona Lisa type smile.  I suggest thinking of  looking into the eyes of a baby you are holding who you love dearly, and who is looking into your eyes and  smiling contentedly.  If that doesn’t work for you, try thinking of pictures or things that make you think  “Ohhhhh” while you melt a little. inside.  When you find the right memory, your face will automatically light up, and you will stay stronger longer.

Share, care, and stay strong.


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