Staying Strong Tip

The older I get the less I can watch movies that make me cry.   I bawled like a baby at Toystory 3.  Have told some friends on the downhill slope not to see it, for Toystory 3 is all about loss and loss  is one of the harder parts of being on the down hill slope.

This article agrees with me about preferring laugher over tears.

Laughter’s secrets: The best medicine? – health – 21 July 2010 – New Scientist.

I have a number of friends who email  me jokes.  I  have several joke sites on my Tweeter board.  I collect ideas about funny movies to see. I hear Grownups is one.   David and I will go this weekend.  I search the web for comic clips.  Laughter is important.

So is play.  That is why my Blog suggests  games and I why I plan to add more.  The joy of grandchildren is the opportunity they provide for playing.

So today’s Staying strong tip:   Stay strong: laugh,  play and don’t watch so much news or so many Talking Heads.

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