Telling it like it is

This Emotional Fitness Training blog post explores the heart of love. Letting you become the best you can be.  Takes lots of #emotionalhealth to do that.  Needs someone who loves you enough to keep it real.  

How do we know you are not bearing false witness.

Emotional Fitness Thoughts and Tips

Our inner child is a bearing of much false witnessing. The Curse of Personal Knowledge is defined as you  knowing something and cannot imagine others don’t know it also. It is a cognitive flaw or what some call  twisted or false thinking.

Personal knowledge about our flaws strengthens this particular curse’s strength.  Why?  We are all personally well acquainted with  our failures, our blunders, our hurtful behaviors. We also know our nasty thoughts.  Such personal knowledge erodes self-esteem and  often becomes the loudest voice shaping who we think we are.  Those who truly care offer the Blessing of Other People’ s Knowledge. Providing they care enough to keep it real. 

I personal story, I have a overbite. Not huge but big enough to make be afraid of smiling lots in my preteen years.  At some point, I heard two friends talking.

“She needs to smile more, her face lights up when she does.”

I know longer remember how I happened to hear this; moreover,  and I now assume they might not even have been talking about me. But I took it to heart and stopped covering my mouth when I smiled. And I do have a smile that lights up my face and eyes.

I also know now that as Virginia Satire once said, “A true friend can and will tell you when your face is dirty or you need to wear a deodorant.”

Emotional Fitness Tips for the day

Tip one: Remember that personal knowledge has the power to curse or bless you and others.  Turn your knowledge of others into a blessing.  Say what needs to be said and say it kindly. That is what the #emotionalintelligence people do.

Tip two: Accept compliments with grace.

Tip three: Compliment others often.

stay strong

Remember to think about what matters.  Don’t get so involved in correcting another person’s personal knowledge that you become a constant critic. Share the important stuff, praise all that is good, and let go of the frest.

Thank you for all you do. I am particularly grateful to those who practice internet kindness by liking, rating, commenting, or sharing my posts.


This post was in response to this  Daily Prompt: BFFs: What’s  the most important lesson you’ve learned from the person you’re the closest to? How bright I was and from my husband. Haven’t I been blessed?



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