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Thank you. One of the things I liked about Moses and some of the other early Israelis what that they argued with G-d. Freed me to do the same and trust is hard. I sometimes think too much was left up to us humans, also we were not created with enough smarts to do what needed to be done.

Then you meet someone or something like a miracle happens and you feel trust surge just a bitt.

Still,trust is fragile and life rough. Rambling and really just wanted to say, I liked your post enough to re-post and will probably send it to Facebook tomorrow.

No offense, God. But if I were setting up this whole system from scratch, I think I would have done things a little differently. There's a lot of beauty in the world, which I can really appreciate. There are pockets of light where love and redemption have saved the day. And I'm glad for those pockets. They speak hope to me. But when I look around at the world, I also a lot of darkness. Death, destruction, nuclear attacks, child trafficking, cance … Read More

via Getting Inside My Head


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