I asked for help about the spammers invading my comments in the Word Press Forum.  Take care some commenters are spamming. 

Picture of a Spam can with the word Comment spam on it.

Image by Allmedspamup

Time Thief, one of the most helpful people at Word Press responded.  I am a fan of her blog. 


  1. Don’t post IP addresses – Still blushing as I published the false commenter’s addresses. Thought the more information the more likely I could get the help I needed. 
  2. Be careful because the spammers are getting smarter and smarter, particularly apparently at faking being a sincere commenter and you know how we pant after comments.   
  3. Get Akismet. Which I have. As do all WP bloggers.
  4. Do not delete but mark such messages as spam and in time Akismet will get them — one hopes.
  5. Read 5 things all bloggers should know.
  6. The goal of such spamming is according to Akismet: “Web spammers are selling links from your blog to their clients. They do this to game the search engines and trick your readers into visiting dubious web sites. Their clients are sometimes seemingly harmless, but are often peddling fake pills, porn, scams and malware. Sometimes they’ll use “buffer sites” – that is, innocent looking web pages intended to disguise that they’re really advertising something more sinister.” 

Hope you find this helpful. I did.

Meanwhile stay strong, as always I am working on every day.

Maybe newsletters are safer.  But what would I do with my day if not blogging.


Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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